We Make Radiology Education Fast, Easy and Memorable.


  • Case based learning resource
  • Stepwise guidance through complex anatomy and pathology
  • Compare and contrast similar cases side by side
  • Track your progress and take quizzes at the end of a course


  • 1000's of highly detailed annotations
  • Fully scrollable CTs and MRIs
  • Links to the most useful research articles on difficult topics
  • Multiple new lessons added every month

What Our Students Are Saying

Aron Tidrick

Medical Student

THANK YOU for creating Radiology Revealed. I can't tell you how helpful your tutorials are. What makes them so helpful are the clear outlining/coloring/labeling alongside the unlabeled images to easily compare.


Incredible job, I can't wait to see your take on future subjects in radiology!

About the Author

William Boyd

Hello! My name is William Boyd. I am a diagnostic radiology resident at the University of North Carolina. I attended the University of Virginia for college & medical school. In undergrad I majored in Engineering Science, taking a combination of biomedical engineering, biology, and computer science courses. After graduating, I worked for a year in a biomedical engineering lab at UVA before moving on to medical school.  I became fascinated with the diagnostic puzzles of medical imaging in medical school and I haven’t lost any interest since.  The one thing I couldn’t find enough of was exceptional education resources, especially for beginners. With that in mind I figured I better create my own resource.  The site is still a huge work in progress, but it will be updated on a very regular basis over the coming years.

I would love to hear any feedback you might have, and if you have any interest in joining the team don’t hesitate to ask!